Face Lift


To surgically correct tissue loosening due to the aging process as well as different aggression.

Over time such as prolonged sun exposure, smoking, stress etc…

The skin gets distended and thinner and the oval of the face looses its purity.

This type of surgery will provide the patient with a rejuvenated face making her look rested, relaxed and refreshed.

Surgical Intervention

Face lift is done under general anesthesia. It lasts 2 hours and requires 3 nights of hospitalization.

Cervico-Facial Lifting The night before the surgery, we will drive you to the clinic where you will meet the care team: surgeon, anesthesiologist and hospital staff.

Face lift tighten the skin and the underlying loose muscle. This combined technique will give more satisfying and longer lasting results. In some cases, to enhance the results, we associate submental liposuction (to remove the double chin), lipofilling in cheeks or temporal areas or jaws, and blepharoplasties (upper and/or lower eyelids).

Face lift can be associated to forehead lit, temporal lift or a neck lift. Sometimes, prior to the surgery, we inject Botox to relax the muscles and to allow the healing without tension.

Post operative period

You will have a compressive dressing around your head which will be removed on post operative day number 2.

Within 2 weeks post surgery, bruises and edema (swelling) will subside. The skin incisions are almost invisible and well hidden by the hair.

Within 2 to 3 months we can usually have a good idea about the final result. The final result lasts from 7 to 10 years depending on skin quality and lifestyle (sun exposure, smoking, hydration).

Duration of stay

The duration of stay for a face lift in Tunisia is usually 8 nights/9 days.

This time will allow your physician to provide you with an optimal follow up. He will also see you at his office the day preceding your return back home.

The recovery period spent in Tunisia is usually quite beneficial and allows most of our patients to resume their professional activities as soon as they arrive home.


See ”personalized quotation” in NEWLINE which includes:

  • Hospital fees.
  • Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees.
  •  Full or half board five star hotel the transfers (airport, clinic, hotel).
  • The garment, silicone implants (in case of buttock or breast augmentation) and follow ups.

It doesn’t include: the blood exams, the medication after your discharge from the hospital and abroad phone calls from the hotel.

Cervico-facial lift 2950 € 6 Nights