Mammary prosthesis change


Mammary prothesis (artificial breast form) tends to replace existing mammary implants by new ones in order to replace the shape of the part of the breast that has been removed and eventually give it a natural aspect. These protheses are usually made of soft silicone gel encased in a plastic skin.


It lasts 2 hours and requires 3 nights of hospitalization.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia, depending of your discussion with the surgeon of what is best for you. The mammary implants can be placed through three different incisions: areola, breast fold or axilla.

Post operative period

The pain can be increased when the implant is behind the pectoral‘s muscle. It is other wise mild and easily relieved by analgesics. A support bra should be worm day and night for one month after the first dressing change.

The result which can be seen right away will continue to improve over the next 3 to 6 months. If you follow the given instructions and clean it regularly with a wormy soap water for hygiene maintenance , the protheses should look as natural as you own skin would and remain intact for several years.


for all patients considering to undergo this kind of intervention, they should consider visiting a specialist in order to have a realistic and open discussion about the risks and further complications that this surgery may generate in the years to follow such as :

  • Triggering the surveillance of cancer for women with a strong family history f breast cancer
  • Decreasing the effectiveness of mammograms by making them more difficult to interpret
  • Women with implants can expect to need additional surgery over the years and in case they decide to remove breast implants, they should expect to have a flat and droopy tissue because it has already been stretched when the prothesis was introduced
  • Breast implant rupture
  • Capsular contracture: a painful complication which occurs when the collagen-fiber capsule (an immune response of the body to maintain the integrity of the foreign object) thickens and compresses the breast implant

Duration of the stay

The duration of the stay for mammary implants in Tunisia is usually 6 nights/7days.

This time will allow your physician to provide you with an optimal follow up.

He will also see you at his office the day preceding your return home.

The recovery period spent in Tunisia is usually quite beneficial and allows most of our patients to resume their professional activities as soon as they arrive home.


See “personalized estimate” NEWLINE which includes: Clinical fees, surgeon an anesthesiologist rates, hotel say with room and board and the transfers (airport, clinic, hotel).

Patients should be informed that the cost of implants in addition to the surgical charges, medical care and additional operations are above $3000 and are not covered by health insurance.

Changing breast implants 2200 € 5 Nights