Neck Lifting


To rest retch the skin and neck muscles. It is the ideal complement of a face lift and these two surgery are usually combined.

Surgical Intervention

Its duration varies from 2h30 to 3 hours and 2 or 3 nights of hospitalization are needed. Local anesthesia with Neck Lifting sedation is used for neck lifting only.

If this surgery is combined with others, general anesthesia may be indicated.

The surgeon stretches the muscles and excises the extra the extra skin giving the neck a juvenile aspect.

Post operative period

You come out of the operating room with a bandage around your head and the incisional areas of the neck .

This dressing removed after 24 hours. The pain is mild and easily relieved by minor analgesics. The neck might be swollen for a few days and the gauzes will be of great help. Swelling lasts about a month and hematomas resorb within 2 weeks. The result of neck lifting are remarkable and durable..

Duration of stay

The duration of stay for a neck lifting in Tunisia is usually 8 nights/9 days.

This time will allow your physician to provide you with an optimal follow up.

He will also see you at his office the day preceding your return home.

The recovery period spent in Tunisia is usually quite beneficial and allows most of our patients to resume their professional activities as soon as they arrive home.


See ”personalized estimate” NEWLINE which includes: Clinical fees, surgeon an anesthesiologist rates, hotel say with room and board and the transfers (airport , clinic, hotel).

Neck lift 2550 € 5 Nights