Temporal Lifting


To correct eye brow ptosis peri ocular wrinkles and cheek bone wrinkles.The rejuvenating effect is enhanced by adding an eye lid surgery to the temporal lifting.

Surgical Intervention

The duration of temporal lifting is one hour and 3 nights of hospitalization are necessary.

The surgery can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedatives depending of the choice that you will make consulting with your anesthesiologist and surgeon.

The incision is discreet and hidden with the hair or by the hairline .

We detach the skin, stretch it, excise the extra part and suture is back.

Post operative period

The pain is usually a mild headache relieved by minor analgesics.

Drain and dressing are removed the next day.Temporal and eyelid edema (swelling) and bruises disappear within 8 to 10 days.

Improvement of the eye brow area can be seen night away but the final result takes place after 3 to 4 months post surgery.

Duration of stay

The duration of stay for a temporal lifting in Tunisia is usually 8 nights/9 days.

This time will allow your physician to provide you with an optimal follow up.

He will also see you at his office the day preceding your return home.

The recovery period spent in Tunisia is usually quite beneficial and allows most of our patients to resume their professional activities as soon as they arrive home.


See ”personalized estimate” NewLine which includes: Clinical fees, surgeon an anesthesiologist rates, hotel say with room and board and the transfers (airport , clinic, hotel).

Temple lift (temporal lift) 2400 € -